Saturday, October 31, 2009

Culinary Shout-Outs: A Working List

My favorite ...

Website: TasteSpotting (honorable mention: Food Network)
Food show: Everyday Food (honorable mention: Simply Ming)
Food competition: Top Chef (honorable mention: Iron Chef America)
Food channel: PBS (honorable mention: Create TV)
Food magazine: Real Simple (honorable mention: Cooking Light)
Grocery store: Market Basket (honorable mention: McKinnon's)
Liquor store: Downtown Wine & Spirits 
American restaurant: Highland Kitchen (honorable mention: Met Bar)
Asian restaurant: Chang Sho (honorable mention: Diva Indian Bistro)
European restaurant: Greek Corner (honorable mention: La Buona Vita)
Delivery: Sugar & Spice (honorable mention: Bertucci's)
Eater: Matt Heck (honorable mention: Vicki Heck-Ford)

I was inspired to make this list after watching Everyday Food on a Saturday morning.  It's my absolute favorite food show: simple, straightforward, knowledgeable, and visually pleasing.  It's similar to barefoot contessa, but without any side stories.  I want to try almost every recipe I see.  Check it out on PBS!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Breakfast for Dinner - It Never Fails

Growing up, I always got really excited when my Dad decided to make breakfast for dinner.  It was usually some combination of eggs, bacon, homefries, toast, and maybe a little something extra, like pancakes.  It's not something I normally do now, but after a long, exhausting day and a massive lunch I'm pretty sure I was still digesting at 7 PM (a cheeseburger and a beer, compliments of John Harvard's), I wanted something easy, fast, and light.

Remembering that I'd purchased some delicious tomatoes on vine the night before, I recalled a recipe I'd recently clipped from Real Simple for Fried Eggs and Broiled Tomatoes.  I don't even particularly like cooked tomatoes (except in tomato sauce), but I saved the recipe anyway for two reasons: a) the picture was pretty, and b) the cook time was virtually negligible.

From start to finish, this meal couldn't have taken me more than 5 minutes, and despite our skepticism, Matt and I were both pleased with the results.  It was light, flavorful, and well-balanced, especially after combining it with a simple side salad.  Salad with breakfast is another thing I borrowed from my Dad.  I merely washed and dried some chiffoned green leaf lettuce and tossed it with salt, pepper, and Ken's Steak House Lite Balsamic Vinaigrette.  It really helps contextualize the eggs, which can by nature be a little heavy.

I recommend this meal as a way to liven up your weeknight regimen and keep things fresh.  It's as close to instant gratification as a meal can get without using pre-packaged foods and/or a microwave (not that those don't have their time and place, believe you me).

I think my Dad would approve. 


(photo from Real Simple)

2 medium tomatoes, washed, dried, and halved
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 pat of butter
kosher salt and black pepper
2 large eggs
1 tablespoon grated Parmesa

Turn broiler on high.  Place tomatoes, cut-side up, on a baking sheet.  Drizzle with olive oil and dust with freshly ground salt and pepper.

Heat nonstick skillet over medium-low.  Melt butter.

Place tomatoes in oven.

Once pan is hot and butter is melted, crack two eggs directly into the pan.  Dust with freshly ground salt and pepper.  Flip after a minute or so.

Check on the tomatoes.  Remove once the tops start to bubble.  The eggs should be ready at this point as well.

Place two tomato halves, one egg, and a small pile of salad on the plate.  Sprinkle the tomatoes and/or eggs with parmesan cheese and serve.

- M